Beginning Your Hong Kong Business: Your First Steps

Once you choose to setup a limited liability company, the next thing is to really plan it! A lot of individuals starting their business just get puzzled when confronted with the seemingly challenging procedure for organization incorporation. This post gives a definite picture of list of positive steps if you decide to business registration number Hong Kong yourself. In addition, it lets you know what you would be spending money on if you opt to make use of service providers to start the company.

Incorporating your company

What Is The Procedure Of Business Incorporation?

  • Deliver the paperwork to the business Registry alongside the government charges:
  • Incorporation Type – Form NNC1 (for company limited by shares) or Type NNC1G (for a company not tied to shares);
  • A copy of the company’s Article of Association (Note 1); and
  • A Notice to Business Registration (IRBR1).
  • The Company Registry will then offer a Certificate of Incorporation as well as a Business registration number Hong Kong Certificate (the Certificates).

What Information Is Necessary For Filling In The Application Form

  • Suggested name of your business in Chinese and English.
    Information regarding the investors and administrators, including name, address of shareholders, home details of directors, and their passport or ID cards numbers.
  • Business address of the new organization
  • The details of the company admin.
  • If you decide to appoint a person ( not a single company), you then can’t be the only director and the company secretary simultaneously. Be ready to offer this name, HK address, email and ID info.
  • If you want to use an organization as your secretary, make sure you provide the company’s name, the Hong Kong address, its business number and its email address.
  • Will I need a business secretary?
  • Which kind of business needs an organization secretary?
  • All sorts of businesses need a company secretary.
  • Who could be appointed as company admin?
  • A secretary must be a Hong Kong citizen or a Hong Kong authorized company.

Exactly what does an organization secretary do? A company admin helps the business adhere to legal procedural requirements. The primary duties of a business secretary consist of:

  • Filing of annual earnings and reporting to the business Registry about the change of the about framework, company directors and investors.
  • arranging annual meetings, and preparing legal documents.

The Following List Offers You A Concept Regarding The Types Of Legal Papers That The Company Secretary Must Prepare:

  • Annual return of the company
  • Resolution to get changes of shareholding, director or the company admin
  • The transfer of stocks (per transfer)
  • Resolution for allotment of company shares
  • Resolution for change of your company name
  • Written resolution for Mins of directors or members conference
  • Resolution to appoint company directors
  • Resolution to get rid of directors

What Can I Get Free Of Charge?

  • You may get all forms necessary for use from the Company Registry’s site.
  • You can get articles of association from the business Registry’s site. Articles of Association prescribe the responsibilities that members of the company must pay back to each other. If you would like to customize these to make your own guidelines, you should change the articles of association. Or else, the law says that the article will connect with your company instantly.

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